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Stilfserjoch National Park

The historically significant Stilfserjoch National Park is set in the middle of the Alps. While all the world's national parks are protected natural preserves, they also differ in the particulars of their environment, with resulting differences in purpose. If one hopes to encounter a grizzly bear or elk, then one should visit the large national parks in the U.S.A. The national parks in Europe allow for experiences of another, though no less spectacular sort. They are protected regions, and cultural landscapes in which mankind, through a respectful interaction with nature, has managed to sustain himself for thousands of years.

Established in 1935, the Stilfserjoch National Park - with its high mountains, eternal glaciers, cliffs, Alpine meadows, forests, hanging terraces, and valleys - is one of the largest and most enchanting national parks in Europe . It extends over a surface area of 135,000ha, encompassing the entire Ortler and Cevedale-massif with its valleys. The Ortler, at 3905m, is the highest elevation in the park, the village of Latsch in the valley floor, at 650m, is the lowest. The enormous ecological diversity is shaped by these extremely wide-ranging elevations, which embrace all the basic Alpine, geological, and botanical forms. In recent years, within the scope of a newly reorganized Stilfserjoch National Park, two new trails have been laid out and posted with informational signs along the Stilfserjoch. By taking the Wormisionssteig, you can trek from the top of the pass to the Furkelhütte, learning a great deal about the history of the Ortler front along the way.

Departing from Berghotel Franzenshöhe, the Friedensweg trail leads over the Signalkopf to the "Tibet Hut". The geology, flora, and fauna of this stunning landscape are explained in graphic displays. The Berghotel Franzenshöhe is itself located in the very heart of Stilfserjoch National Park. Over a cup of coffee on the terrace, you can look on related, while the marmosets romp around; every now and then, an eagle circles overhead or, if you are lucky, you may gaze in astonishment at the wingspan of a bearded vulture. We owe it to an initiative of the Stilfserjoch National Park that we can once again marvel at the bearded vulture - near extinction - in the wild. Stilfserjoch National Park presents a natural and cultural landscape unequalled in Europe - it is well worth a visit.