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National Park Centers

The Stilfserjoch National Park is recognized as a protected region and cultural environment. The region's distinctive cultural features are highlighted in exhibits and a variety of events in the four national park centers.


The "naturatrafoi" visitor center is located in the middle of Stilfserjoch National Park, right along side the Stilfserjochstraße. The center's permanent exhibit is devoted to the topic of "Life at the Border". It offers fascinating insight into the geology of the Ortler-massif, and the survival of plants and animals under the extreme climatic conditions, which obtain in the high mountains. You will find opening times and further information regarding special exhibits on the naturatrafoi homepage.


The "aquaprad" national park center in Prad on Stilfserjoch exhibits species of indigenous fish in 14 different aquaria. The visitor's center, which emphasizes topics related to water, was opened in 2003 - the international year of water. Clear illustrations provide graphic insight into the life of brooks, ponds, and lakes. The visitor will dive into the nearby, yet alien world of indigenous fish. Opening times and further information can be found on the aquaprad homepage.


This national park center is located in Martell Valley, directly off the main road in proximity to the Trattla recreational facility. The permanent exhibit presents the Martell Valley's rural culture and cultivated landscape. It explores the eventful and varied history of the valley, the character of people who live in Martell, their search for better fortune, and devotion to their homeland. Opening times and further information can be found on the homepage of culturamartell.

Lahnersäge National Park Center

The Lahnersäge national park center is located in St. Gertraud in the lower Ulten Valley in a restored Venetian saw mill, where tree trunks were once sawed into boards with the aid of water power from the Falschauer river. An exhibit on the topic of "Forest and Wood" is housed in the national park center.

Magical Raetic Triangle

The notion of a "Magical Raetic Triangle" is used to summarize the cultural cooperation that is taking place between the three small regions of Val Müstair in Switzerland, the Landeck region in Austria, and Vinschgau in Italy, and is organized under the auspices of the EU program INTERRGE II. A shared Raetic past is the link joining these separate regions.