High-altitude training on the Stelvio

The Berghotel Franzenshöhe is closed, we are renovating!

Thank you all for a great season Karin &Team.

An opportunity for peak athletes

Peak athletes and their trainers have long known of the positive effects of high altitudes - above 2000m - on improving their physical performance, and so they deliberately build this sort of high altitude training into their program.

At 2188m, the location of the Franzenshöhe mountain hotel is particularly well located to serve as a base and departure point for high altitude training.

High-altitude training not only benefits cross-country and downhill skiers, but is also recommended for sports cyclists. The Stilfserjochstraße an especially well-suited stretch for this kind of training.

Each year, the South Tyrolese cross-country skiing junior team returns to carry out its high-altitude training on Stilfserjoch; during this period the team sets up residence at the Franzenshöhe Berghotel.

The Franzenshöhe Berghotel would be delighted to consider special offers for individual athletes and sports groups. Naturally, the new seminar rooms may be reserved for training meetings.

Altitudes over 2000m

Above certain high altitudes, air contains less oxygen, and the human organism must adjust itself to this condition. Breathing, the cardiovascular system, and blood are most immediately affected by this. In the course of high-altitude training, the body adapts, so that it reaches the same levels of performance as it achieved at more normal altitudes. When a peak athlete then returns to regions that lie at lower altitudes, his body will be able to draw on energy reserves not before available. This condition may last for several weeks.